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OCEAN SUMMER Lead Singer, Keyboards
Voting member NARAS (Grammy Awards), ASCAP

Ocean was destined to be a musician and singer from the the day he was born in France during his father’s concert performance. He started his prolific music career after moving to Montreal, where he co-founded with his friend Nicolas, a band called Cashba with some musicians from the band “Men Without Hats” in the late 80’s. The band became number 1 in Canada on indies chart and their video was on MTV and “Much Music”. He co-wrote the two hit songs “Here He Comes Again” and “Feel The Life”, which became a masterpiece video. He is an accomplished actor and had many leading role in American movies and Canada.

Ocean brings his multi-faceted artistic talents and experience as an award-winning soundtrack composer, Over 30 Awards , singer-songwriter, musician, designer, producer and visionary artist. Ocean is an exceptionally magnificent vocal artist and accomplished composer winning many prestigious awards and nominations for “Best Film Score” and “Best Composer” (Emmy, Canadian Grammy…). Ocean has the unique way of composing his magical soundtracks using his many voices as keyboard samplings. His special style of soundtracks have been used on noble projects with Deepak Chopra, WildDivine, for NASA’s
Cassini Project and others raising consciousness and promoting peace.
READ Article Alexia park-Washington post. The musician of the silence.

He has an amazingly diverse four-octave range of vocal beauty and power, and charms audiences with his sultry French, English and sometimes improvised lyrics. He also sings in languages of his own creation: “lumerian” which carries the frequencies of the whales, Hathors, the angelic and fairy realms; and “romantica” - his own version of Italian Opera making full use of his belting prowess. His extraordinary voice and brilliant presence and charisma on stage truly puts him in the category of a “crystal rockstar” leaving an unforgettable impression on the hearts of audiences.

He currently co-writes and performs with the band Blue Summerstar and his partner Luma, with whom he won “Best Film Score Music” at the International Moondance Festival which promotes non-violence and women’s empowerment in films. Ocean is passionate about promoting PEACE on the New Earth and was one of the celebrities singing in the Los Angeles video of “World Peace One” with actors like Patrick Swayze and Vanessa Williams.

After receiving great success opening the Denver International World Peace conference together in 2009, he and Luma decided to collaborate their talents and launched the “Blue Summerstar” band to create music for peace, harmonic resonance and consciousness. Blue Summerstar performed their music on 11:11:11 (November 11, 2011) at Mount Shasta, CA with simultaneous-tele-concert to Hawaii. They continue performing on auspicious and fun dates at powerful locations such as 12-21-12 in Santa Fe, NM and 6-22-13 Sedona, AZ Summer Solstice Concert, Earth Day 2015 Mount Shasta, etc. They have been touring around the world composing, performing and coaching for over 5 years. Their popular original songs are on iTunes, Amazon, Reverbnation, My Space and Youtube, and they are blessed with great fans. They have toured around the world sharing their charismatic presence and unique talents in what they call “Harmonic Resonance Concerts”. Ocean is a public speaker on Active Resonance .

He and Luma are also co-founders and facilitate coaching and launching talent in their company “The Star Power Team” .
2018 is a year to write new songs . After touring 7 years ..Ocean Summer is in studio to work on new songs…and Album coming 2019.

On other notes he got a master degree in JOIE DE VIVRE et SAVOIR FAIRE.

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Ocean Summer with Quincy Jones, Steve Tyler in Beverly hills, Penelope Cruz Grammy Awards Los Angeles
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Verdine from Group Earth Wind and Fire at the NAMM show with Singer Ocean Summer. I had a blast singing at the NAMM show. Lot of friends here.