Their story begins with two different friends insisting that Ocean and Luma meet and combine their visionary and acclaimed musical talents as a male-female team.

Ocean having won multiple awards as a composer for his ethereal, emotionally-moving film soundtracks and Luma having just successfully launched her musical debut as a composer for the new rock opera “Woman of Light” about Mary Magdalene, their friends saw an inevitable destiny. After months of reluctance on both their parts they finally had a Divine Rendezvous and discovered an undeniable ability to catch the muse and channel the music of the spheres together. Try to imagine two powerful composers in their own right trying to share the same keyboard to compose together at the same time! After a few hours together they co-wrote the most beautiful songs, one of which was called “It Was Meant To Be”. Luma rapidly channeled new chords and progressions and Ocean was literally surfing the chords with exquisite melodies and songs were born and so it began a journey of songwriting of over 100 songs to be co-written around the world. After just about a month working together their first musical performance together was to open the International World Peace Conference in Denver, Colorado and after being so well received by the international audience, they decided to sell everything, including the house and go on a journey to discover the deeper meaning of their destinies together as musicians for world peace and harmony.

Reducing their instruments down to what they could carry, they quickly developed a mobile studio consisting of two Macbook Pro laptops, two iPhones for recording, and an iPad with a piano app. They began writing songs that carried the magical male-female polarity they called “Sacred Friendship”. After traveling to Hawaii and then to Tahiti, they heard the stars talking to them and from that inspiration came the name of their band, Blue Summerstar, which represents the star, Sirius, the bright blue star in the sky.

Blue Summerstar debuted in Redondo Beach, California on the 4th of July and quickly earned requests for performances. They toured to Mount Shasta where they performed their gorgeous other-worldy music and facilitated group activation at the renowned Mount Shasta Telos Crystal Grid Activation on 11-11-11 (November 11, 2011) at 11:11 am The event was sold out and tele-connected to other events including Hawaii and Montreal simultaneously. They toured through Ashland, Oregon, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and trekked across to Sedona, AZ and Santa Fe, NM delighting audiences with their unusually beautiful and uplifting music. Blue Summerstar has performed on tour in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Dallas, Texas and North Carolina (and more) in various popular and magical venues as well as sacred sites. While touring in Idaho Luma picked up a banjo whom she calls “Trystan” and has started a new trend in their music of an eclectic folk rock infusion.

Blue Summerstar was honored to receive the Best Film Score award at the International Moondance Film Festival, which promotes non-violence and woman empowerment through movies and music. Their recorded music is aired on public radio and they have performed live on PBS television sharing their powerfully uplifting messages of love, consciousness and living a magical life.
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